About Us

At Play Verto, we are obsessed with impact. Our team and play-based technology can map, manage and measure change - end to end.

Our USP is our USP! Our unique selling point is our unique spectrum of people and ability to engage wider communities. We collaborate and co-create with people and organisations all around the world, weaving together a unique spectrum of perspectives. We make the path towards change one of engagement, deep understanding and co-creation. Co-creating change with people affected makes the impact authentic, relevant and sustainable. Together we find the ‘possible’ in every situation.

Our process starts by providing our partners with an authentic snapshot of the reality that needs shifting. Armed with a deep understanding, we partner to design a strategy supported by a strong engagement model to measure the impact and provide data-informed insights to guide further implementations or fine-tuning.

Connection is at the core of our methodology. We find the common ground to support businesses in the wellbeing and sustainability of their people, organisation and the planet.

So come and play - serious work doesn’t have to be so serious.

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Our Values


We are true to ourselves and our clients. We only do one type of engagement, meaningful and purpose-driven.

We strongly believe in the truth said by the people that participate in the experiences we design, and ultimately, we believe in the truth demonstrated by the data we collect.


For us, love means to be deeply connected and committed whilst bringing joy, kindness and vulnerability to our projects and partnerships.

We are deeply committed to working with meaningful data and honouring the communities we work with, showing empathy, grace and gratitude.


“Play” is not only part of our name; play is part of what we do. We want to spark everyone’s creativity and curiosity, and we want our experiences to be fun.

Through the years we have also found that people are more open to speak up in a playful environment. Through play, we start to understand what people truly think and feel.


At Play Verto, we do things differently.

We are using data and real facts as a catalyst for disruption. We want the data to represent people’s feelings, ideas and opinions and use it to challenge the ‘norm’ or notions like ‘but that’s how we’ve always done it’.

+11 Years of Impact Experience

Encouraging and supporting deep connections among leaders, organisations and beneficiaries for co-created, authentic solutions.

Mobilising community engagement and social action through digital campaigns and live events.

Mapping and measuring impact indicators to support data-led decision making.

Analysing and magnifying impact data to influence institutions, policy and mindsets.

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