The challenges of the 21st Century, the ones ingrained in our system and the new ones lurking on the horizon, require a new way of thinking if we want to find lasting solutions.


Our mission at Play Verto is to spark curiosity, dialogue and creative problem solving around these challenges, whilst having fun. Through play and technology, we are building a world where everyone is empowered to improve their lives and those of others.

Rules of the game

Play Verto is a holistic, fun way for children 0 to 99 to connect and to learn, to share opinions, inspire ideas and collectively build solutions on the issues they care about.


At Play Verto we know that when you play, your superpowers come to life: your mind is free to explore an issue, wonder about the possible solutions and invent new ones, being truly creative!


The experiences we craft encourage you to:







learn through play-like children


enquire like philosophers


experiment like scientists


think with the mind and with the heart.

Through fun and personalised offline and online experiences we promote everyone’s ability to feel and be represented. The digital generation trusts us with their opinions about the hardest challenges of the 21st Century and we help them develop the knowledge and the skills, values and ethics for tackling them.
With the data we gather, we build insights and weave global partnerships for inclusive decision making and systems change.
Oh - and you will find that we only do one type of engagement: meaningful and purpose-driven.
Our superpowers
We play
We provoke and inspire
We challenge and encourage
We measure
We weave

At Play Verto, we have almost 10 years experience mobilising disengaged communities, creating original content that changes behaviours and attitudes and generating rich insights that influence the decision-makers.

A big part of this is listening so we meet people where they are, in the language that speaks to them

We make it happen


Our insights change decisions 

and sometimes they change laws. 


We are excited to announce that Play Verto has now partnered with the LEGO Group on a project designed to capture the imagination and creativity of children, teachers and parents around the world - building a changemaking ethos brick by brick. Watch this space!

Our clients include
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Are you a purpose-driven leader or decision-maker who needs accurate, representative data to guide your work? 


Are you craving an arena to unleash your creativity for social impact?


Are you looking to drive a change in behaviour, strategy or policy? 


Do you want to engage your team and customers with authenticity and fun to accelerate your social impact?

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