The People’s Report

Over 17,000 people from all over the world came to share their story, reality, and dreams. Through a series of 11 questions, 'The People's Report' is an interactive, game-like experience to gather one of the largest anonymised data sets on people's reality since the break of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The stand out insights explored;

Living conditions & basic needs
Services within proximity
Awareness of environmental changes
Trust in institutions and social equality
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and mental health
Hopes for the future
nearly a third of respondents (29%) said that they would not choose to raise children in their communities
Half of the respondnets (51%) reported experiencing worse mental health due
to covid
4 out of 10 (43%) people said that they had lost their income due to covid
one in four (25%) of respondents said they had lost a loved ones to covid
one in five
respondents (22%)
globally said that they go to bed hungry at night
a third of
respondents (34%)
Said that
different views
are not respected
in their
nearly two thirds (64%) of respondents worldwide told up that they are already experiencing rising temperatures in
their daily lives
"At night I dream of a world not divided by hate, where we are free to simply exist as our truest self."
North American Player, Non-Binary, Age 16

How did we do it?

How did we reach over 17,000 people from all walks of life? Watch this short promo video to see the process and outcome of this pilot year!

About the People's Report

The People's Report is a ground-breaking collaboration between Catalyst 2030, the Social Progress Imperative (SPI), and Play Verto (PV) that aims to use anonymised data and insights as a catalyst for discussion, representation, and decision-making.

Our collective network and impact partners around the world circulated a playful survey, inviting participants to share their stories. Translated into 43 languages, we reached grassroots communities who often never have their voices heard. By the time the survey closed on 6 September 2021, we had engaged 17,446 people from different parts of the world.

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The Data

The data itself has undergone extensive analysis from the teams at SPI and PV, and we are supporting partners, organisations and institutions to use the insights to further their own work, ensuring these voices are represented in ongoing deliberations and strategic considerations.

The anonymised data is available to support collective advocacy and social action at a local, national and global level.

"At night I dream of a world with peace and abundance for everyone."
Asia & Oceania Player, Female, Age 46

How Did We Do Week to Week?

Check out the number of voices reached through the weeks the survey was live, thanks to our impact partners and their efforts to reach remote communities.

What's Next?

Where do we go from here? Can ideas drive action where data supports the engagement and impact? Can the SDGs' common denominators encompass people, projects, and purpose?

Our goal is to provide a space where ideas flourish, and data can support community engagement and social impact. 

We want to ensure the whole ecosystem is involved and the voices of the people support the plans to change their realities and drive longer-term sustainable solutions - many of which are already being deployed by social entrepreneurs around the world. 

The People’s Report is the key to multi-stakeholder cooperation, accountability, and the acceleration of bold goals needed for thriving communities and people.

Blog: What’s your story?

Each person's reality is their own and singular - but we must work together if we're to help their realities change for the better.

"At night I dream of a better life for humanity"
LATAM Player, Male, Age 83
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