Play Verto is delighted to announce its coordinating the #TurnUp campaign for 2019. The goals of the campaign are to engage those under 30 in issues based topics to see how they compare to others. As always the data and insights stay in the hands of the players to act as a digital catalyst for discussion and exploration, whilst we package up the anonymous compilation to share publicly, allowing decision makers to know what people think and feel on the ground. 


We will start the campaign with a generic theme and Play Verto experience, you can see below. With so much said lately on the topic of the environment, we’ll explore first hand what individuals think and feel, what they believe and what they want to see happen. Then we’ll go back to generic content, based on the insights captured along the way, testing different calls to action. This campaign will harness the power of play based engagement distributing directly into educational establishments, across social media and other targeted advertising. Our goal is that these insights and our methodology can support purpose driven, data-led decision making.


1. What happens to my data?


All data is anonymous first and foremost our goal is to collate all our data and share it with those who are fortunate enough to be in positions of power. This could be Members of Parliament through to those who are working on the climate change conference next year in Glasgow. We believe a voice is missing from these discussions and we want to show that play can be a catalyst for engagement. 


2. Is this political? 


Well, everything is political but that's a whole other discussion. This is a politically neutral campaign, its efforts are to increase engagement with those who are not climbing on trains or yapping away in their students' union. This isn’t designed to ensure people vote for anything in particular, it's an experiment to see if you can increase engagement by allowing people to see how they compare to others, sparking the confidence needed to become an active citizen.


3. Who is funding this? 


The Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) - who have a specific interest in understanding what the under 30’s think about the environment and to increase levels of voter registration in areas of under representation.


The National Education Union (NEU) - are supporting the creation of education resources and distributing to their network of teachers.


Thanks for your interest in Play Verto. We welcome your thoughts and comments – and would love for you to share your stories.

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