About Us

Established in 2017 as a spin-off from the organisation, "Bite the Ballot" (BtB), Play Verto is a Social Enterprise that weaves play, technology and purpose together using data to encourage a world where everyone is empowered to improve their lives, their local and global communities and of course, the planet.

We see technology and data as a catalyst for conversation, advocacy and collective action, using play based experiences to create a space for wider participation and differences of opinion. We are interested in gathering anonymised data and trends to understand what issues people care about most and how to collectively advocate for changes.

Our Values


In Play Verto we are true to ourselves and to our clients. We only do one type of engagement, meaningful and purposeful and if we found that we cannot achieve that with a client, we are happy to walk away.

We are not afraid of being authentic and show our vulnerabilities, being honest with each other and with our passions.

We strongly believe in the truth said by the people that participate in the experiences we design and ultimately, we believe in the truth demonstrated by the data we collect.


For us love means to be deeply committed and connected to someone or something.

We are deeply committed to drive social change based on meaningful data and we do it by honouring the communities we work with, we empathise with their joys, pains and mission.


“Play” is not only part of our name, play is part of what we do. We want to spark everyone’s creativity and curiosity, and we want our experiences to be fun.

Through the years we have also found that people is are more open to speak up in a playful environment. Through play we start to understand what people truly think and feel.


In Play Verto we really, really want to do things differently.

We are using data and real facts as a catalyst for disruption. We want the data to represent people’s feelings, ideas and opinions and use it to challenge the status quo and create a meaningful call to action.

Important facts / Ethos

Play Verto is more than a social impact company.

We started off as an NGO and we evolved to become a technology company with a huge focus on social impact, covering areas such as education, environmental sustainability, wellbeing and democracy.

Play Verto is a ‘profit with purpose’ social enterprise with a strong client base.

Since our earliest days this has been incredibly important in providing freedom to shape the company, deciding who we want to work with and our business practices.

+10 years of impact experience

Encouraging individuals and collectives to solve important social and environmental issues

Designing and coordinating social impact and data-led programmes

Mobilising disengaged communities to take social action through digital campaigns and live events

Gathering and analysing impact data to influence decision-makers and change public policy using our own data gathering platform, Verto.

At the core of our work is listening and connection - we meet people where they are, we speak to them in their language and we encourage them to act on the things they care about.

- 2012 -

Voter Registration

Commissioned by the Cabinet Office to create voter registration resources

- 2012 -

Launched National Art Competition

Launched National Art Competition called 'Inspired Impressions' resulting in people's work exhibited in Parliament

- 2012 -

Registration Rally

Held a registration rally for young people in the Ministry of Sound nightclub for London Mayor elections

- 2013 -

Award for Democratic Innovation

Political Studies Association award for Democratic Innovation

- 2014 -

Launched APPG on Voter Registration

Launched APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) on Voter Registration.

- 2014 -

Awarded European Youth Prize

Awarded European Parliament Charlemagne Youth Prize for EU wide Inspired Impressions

- 2014 -

Bite News

Series of videos of Bite the Ballot's news channel

- 2014 -

National Voter Registration Drive

Designed and launched UK’s first ever National Voter Registration Drive. Who are you calling apathetic?

- 2015 -

Leaders Live 2015

#LeadersLive 80 million people engaged with first ever live stream  series with Party Leaders & influencers on YouTube & Twitter.

- 2015 -

Award for Democratic Innovation

Political Studies Association award for Democratic Innovation

- 2015 -

Ashoka Fellowship

Ashoka fellowship recognising Michael as a social entrepreneur with his idea of activating young changemakers while changing the practicalities of our democratic system.

- 2015 -


NVRD World Record 441,696 people registered to vote, biggest registration drive in any western democracy

- 2015 -

Launched DeCafe

Launched DeCafe, our reinvigoration of the 17th century coffee house tradition. Partnered with Starbucks for 60 events in coffee shops across the UK

- 2015 -

Launched APPG on Democratic Participation

Launched APPG on Democratic Participation and became secretaries, assuring our voices were heard.

- 2015 -

Released ‘Missing Millions’ report

Our report on the millions that could registered to vote and are missing, examining the causes and, of course, the solutions.

- 2016 -

In Out Live

Influential personalities from both the IN and OUT campaigns received a grilling from BTB’s in-house panel.

- 2016 -

Lego ‘Re-imagination Learning’ fellowship awarded to Michael

Lego ‘Re-imagination Learning’ fellowship awarded to Michael

- 2016 -

Barack Obama

Name checked by POTUS Barack Obama

- 2016 -

"Best Digital Marketing campaign for Verto"

Northern Digital award "Best Digital Marketing campaign for Verto"

- 2016 -

Nesta New Radical awarded to Michael

Award to our founder Michael Sani’s radical vision to create a generation of young changemakers who have the skills and confidence needed to embark on a journey of lifelong political engagement.

- 2016 -

Turn Up EU Ref

BTB and partners launched #TurnUp, our campaign to get as many people to register to vote as possible in the run-up to the EU referendum. With an estimated 1.85 million citizens registering to vote

- 2017 -

Turn Up Snap Election

BTB and partners relaunched the #TurnUp campaign as a cross-sector collaboration, to engage and register as many young and socially-excluded people as possible. Highest  turnout of young voters ever!

- 2018 -

Inaugural member of Cohort 2030.

A 12 year collaboration to demand & deliver the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals .

- 2018 -

Systemic Change

The Mayor of London introduced a fund for Civic Engagement resources within the London Curriculum

- 2018 -

BTB Colombia

BTB Colombia 2018 DeCafe launched across Colombia during ‘El Parche Democrático’ with 6,000 citizens attending and put through training.

- 2018 -

DeCafe Lyon

DeCafe launched in Lyon (France) with Ashoka France and  the Municipality of Lyon exploring future of education

- 2019 -

Homeless World Cup

Verto conducted impact evaluation of Homeless World Cup in Cardiff with 85% completion rate

- 2019 -

Evidence to Digital Democracy & Technologies Select Committee

The Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies launched a call for evidence to seek the public's views on both the benefits and negative impact of digital technologies on democracy.

- 2019 -

Released "Missing Millions - Still Missing"

APPG on Democratic Participation released ‘Missing Millions - Still Missing' report, the second part and follow up to our original reportl

- 2019 -

Mayor of London SDG Verto

Mayor of London 10,000 players on SDG Verto game 82% Completion rate. The insights contributing to a report of policy priorities.

- 2019 -

Turn Up Dec 2019 Election

Environment focused youth engagement campaign with educational content reaching over 5 million young people across the UK.

- 2020 -

Award for Democratic Innovation

Political Studies Association award for Democratic Innovation